Join the Helthee Team

All You'll Need


Your Own Equipment


Proof of Certification


Dependable Transportation

With Helthee You Can


Work Around Your Own Schedule

Do you work full or part-time somewhere else? Helthee’s app allows you the flexibility to book and train clients around your own schedule. Work when you want based on your needs and obligations.


Make More Money

Earn 2-4x the industry average as a Helthee personal trainer, and gain the pool of local private clients.


Be Your Own Boss

Helthee provides certified personal trainers with the opportunity to pursue their careers with an entrepreneurial outlook. You choose when you want to work, and the clients you choose to work with.

Here’s what our trainers have to say

“I’ve worked as a personal trainer at gyms like Crunch and 24 Hour Fitness and after signing on board with Helthee; it has completely changed my perspective about the personal training industry. Helthee has provided me with the entrepreneurial environment that I’ve been looking for since I first wanted to get my CPT certification. I train my clients around my schedule and I’m making more money now than when I was with the bigger gyms. It’s been great so far”.

Zachary Y

“I feel very privileged to work with Helthee. Helthee has given me the freedom, and the desire to pursue my career as a certified personal trainer. I love having the flexibility to work around my work schedule, make good money and still have the time to enjoy my hobbies. I love being able to positively impact make people’s lives through health & fitness, and Helthee makes my work fun and exciting.”

Victoria P

“I recently received my CPT certification and since joining the Helthee team I feel that I have grown in a huge way not only as a trainer but as a professional. I have gained so much knowledge about how to become a better and more efficient trainer. Being able to customize my workouts around my client’s needs and abilities and deliver the results they’re looking for reminds me why I got my CPT certification in the first place.”

Jonathan H