What to Look For With Nutritional Supplements

Date 06 Dec, 2016

Choosing a quality nutrition supplement might not be easy as you may think. Apart from the fact that effective and safety data are not required  to be submitted by manufacturers to FDA, here are some important things to critically crosscheck when you are about to opt for food supplement.

Check for quality ingredient list

Check and confirm if the listed ingredients are not the ones that increase your risk of some chronic diseases such as cancer and heart infections. Check the supplement for quantity per serving and the amount of Recommended Dietary Allowance. The quantity of vitamins and minerals it contains is worth checking too.

Be sure of the expiration date

With time, the quality of supplements become lesser and offers no nutrient. So, always choose a supplement with longer shelf life. When buying too, don’t stock too much in store for long to avoid waste of money and resources.

Take the prescribed dose

Though, supplements are not harmful when you take overdose, but it’s not a good idea to think you will have a rapid response or result when you take much. Your body needs required amount and when the supplement reaches this threshold, more of the supplements become useless. This means you are just wasting them

Beware of hype

Some manufacturers claim that their supplement prevents or cure various infections which may not be true.  Be sure that the FDA has confirmed their claims before going ahead to purchase them.  Some manufacturer states that the product maintains the body cholesterol by which it lowers cholesterol in the real sense. Another good example of hype is the inscription that vitamin C supplement are better than the ascorbic acid present in oranges. The real truth is both contain same composition of the vitamin C needed by the body.