Top Workout Supplements with Proven Success

Date 27 Jan, 2017

The fitness and nutrition pill market is an unwieldly and oftentimes scary place for most people.  Regulations aren’t tight and guarantees are made every day without recourse, but if you want a little performance boost, there are plenty of solid, natural, and tested supplements out there.  Stay away from HGHs, holistic woo science, and overpriced herbs, instead stick to what has a long history of proven success.  Here are a few that will actually work:


The use of caffeine to improve performance is no new concept.  This energy-booster is natural, safe, and fool-proof, as long as you know your own tolerance.  Caffeine will lower overall fatigue, increase focus, and improve those fast-twitch muscles that are used during weightlifting.  For maximum results, always wait about a half hour before starting your workout after you’ve taken your last sip of coffee.  You don’t want to drink too much either; if you’re twitching, you’ve had too much.

Fish Oils

Fish oil supplements are great for a number of healthy natural remedies, but what most people forget is that fish oil is also an amazing workout booster, thanks to the natural anti-inflammatory properties.  Taking fish oil will mean less reliance on pain killers to help soften the blow of delayed muscle soreness.  Fish oils will also contribute to a healthier heart and cardiovascular system.  If you can’t get your omega 3 fatty acids from tuna, get it by supplement.


It has gotten a pretty bad name over the years through various propaganda and junk science campaigns, since it is used in combination with PEDs, but creatine is a well-understood and well-studied supplement.  It is a powerful companion to have when strength training and will dramatically increase results in just a few weeks.  Educate yourself, as you would any other supplement and you’ll be fine.