Top Affordable and Useful Fitness Gadgets

Date 20 Feb, 2017

You can be cheap and be fit, there’s no unwritten rule that says you must be able to spend a lot on equipment to reach your goals.  Technology has already gotten to the point where you can essentially replace the personal trainer with apps and equipment that you can use at home.  These are a few examples of cheap, but useful fitness gadgets to help you work out.

Resistance Bands

Cheaper than free weights, but just as effective, yet more flexible (no pun intended).  These bands come in different levels of thickness, and will vary in price by how many pounds of resistance that they can provide, but the starter bands can be found for no more than a few dollars, with packages starting at $20-30 for 3-4 bands with accessories.

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Foam Rollers

Literally foam noodles that look exactly like your family pool noodle.  These foam rollers are great companions for strength trainers.  They allow you to massage those back muscles and get you loosened up before a big session.  Highly recommended for only a few bucks.

Yoga Mat

Even if you have no interest of doing yoga anytime soon, yoga mats are clutch for home exercising.  They offer a little padding for your hands, knees, butt, and etc.  This is cheap no-brainer for anyone looking to add a little comfort into their daily routine of calisthenics and stretching.