Top 5 Ways to Get Healthy & Glowing Skin

Date 28 Apr, 2017

The skin constitutes the largest organ of the human body and acts as an outer mirror of our inner body. The skin is a reflection of all metabolic processes taking place in the inner systems of the body. This is why proper care and maintenance of the skin should be adopted. This piece gives an overview of 5 tips for a glowing and healthy skin.

Use sunscreen

The gentle warmth of the sun feels very awesome on your skin, right? Little did you know that it is hazardous to your skin. Too much exposure to hot sun can call for aging spots and wrinkles. Your chances of developing cancer can double too. Simple application of sunscreen can protect you from all these skin problems. Apart from the fact that sunscreen is very easy to apply it is also cheap and keeps your skin glowing.

Stop smoking

Smokers might not like to hear this but it’s nothing but the truth. The blood vessels of the outermost layers of the skin is been narrowed by smoking. This in turn reduces the flow of blood and subsequently depletes the essential nutrient and oxygen content of the skin- all of these causes wrinkling and aging of the skin. Collagen and elastin which helps in the improvement of the strength and elasticity of the skin can be damaged by smoking. The face you keep while smoking also causes wrinkling. The heat to the lips also endangers it. Smoking is actually a bad habit after all.

Be gentle on your skin when cleansing

Scrubbing your skin hard do your skin no good. It only endangers it the more. You have the same effects with gentle rub. It causes inflammation, irritation and lead to dryness. This subsequently leads to blemishes and bumps that cause spots on the skin.

Eat Healthy Diets

Antioxidant- containing food such as green leafy vegetables and tomatoes helps to reduce wrinkles. Diets rich in fruits, proteins and whole grains can also perform miracles for the skin. Other foods rich in omega 3 and salmon are also good for the skin. Good body creams containing aloe Vera juice, coconut oil, etcetera can help to clarify and moisturize the skin to your satisfaction.

Get good sleep and manage stress

Getting adequate amount of sleep can help you manage stress and keep your skin in order. Stress can make your skin to be prone to breakout of acne and various skin infections. Exercise can also help you to manage stress as, we all know that stress is not good for the body. When you over stress yourself, the skin looks dull and this affects your overall look. With time it makes the skin fade out and cause wrinkle.

To maintain a healthy and glowing skin, you don’t need to spend thousands of money to achieve this. A follow up of the above tips will do it all for you.