This Healthy Snack Is More Addicting Than Junk Food

Date 07 Dec, 2016

There are certain foods that can take over the mind. They commander your grey matter and your willpower becomes submissive to their demands. Edamame, the habit-forming popable pods from soybeans, are one of those magical meals. If you haven’t tried edamame, you haven’t yet learned of its delicious powers. If you have had edamame before, fair warning: the recipe below makes the snack even more addictive.

It’s as simple of taking a little stir-fry sauce, sesame seeds, and furikake, which is a Japanese seasoning. Majority of furikake contains sesame seeds, dried fish flakes, nori flakes, and powered soy sauce.

Wasabi Edamame
What you’ll need:
1 bag (12 to 14 oz.) shell-on edamame
1 Tbsp vegetarian stir-fry sauce
½ tsp sesame seeds
2 Tbsp wasabi furikake (found in Asian markets and certain grocery stores)
Sea salt, to taste

How it’s made:
1) Boil a large pot of water

2) Add the edamame and boil until the pods are hot, for about 2 minutes. Strain and transfer to a large metal bowl.

3) Add the stir-fry sauce, sesame seeds, and furikake.

4) Toss to coat, transfer to a serving bowl, and finish with sea salt to taste.

To enjoy, eat the beans from their shells and throw away the shells. Serves 4 as an appetizer.