The Top Least Effective Core Exercises

Date 09 Feb, 2017

If you want to avoid disappointment and unnecessary recuperation times, you’re going to want to nail down safe and effective workout routines before becoming frustrated and forfeiting.  The problem is that because abs and core exercises are so popular, there are a ton of exercises that get recommended, but not all of them are worth the effort.  We’ve gathered the most popular core exercises that you should avoid at all costs, if you want to see great results.  This list is in no way comprehensive.

Traditional Sit-ups

Yes, the sit-up.  Those classic, neck-breaking, spine-sensitive exercises that the average Joe dreads and finds to be painful after long sessions.  Sit-ups are by far the worst core exercise, for multiple reasons.  Sit-ups only target a narrow section of the core, if you’re just going up and down.  You will notice this after feeling soreness afterwards, your sides and back are essentially untouched.  More importantly, sit-ups place an unnecessary stress on the neck and spine, even with proper technique.

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Ab Machines/Rockers

If you’re purchasing something that essentially translates to sit-ups with training wheels, chances are good that you won’t be reaching that coveted point of muscle fatigue that lets you know that you’ve broken down the necessary amount of muscle tissue to encourage growth.  Ab rockers make these motions more accessible, and may provide some level of cardio exercise, but they certainly don’t engage the muscle groups enough to provide results.

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Unstable Crunches

This last exercise is essentially aimed at crunches or quasi-sit-ups being performed on an exercise ball.  You’re increasing the difficulty while still doing an exercise that relies on your spine, to some degree.  The temporary moment of a loss in balance can result in an injury or, at the very least, a pulled muscle.  Just avoid the risk, it’s not worth the results.