The Top Five Health Hacks Of 2017

Date 14 Apr, 2017

The key to staying dedicated is attention to detail. Just saying you want to start getting in shape doesn’t mean squat if you don’t know how you’re going to execute your plan. Here are what nine doctors have to say about the most important thing you can do turn 2017 to your healthiest year to date.


1. Brush Regularly to Avoid Getting Sick.

When you brush regularly, you are also cleaning your lungs. That may seem a bit odd, but it all comes down to bacteria, Tripti Neysman D.D.S., stated.

“When you have bacteria in your mouth, you can breathe it into your respiratory system,” she quotes. That can increase swelling in your lungs and trachea, increasing your chances of coming down with respiratory infections such pneumonia.

How to solve the problem? Get rid of all the excess bacteria in your month to prevent gum diseases. Go for your annual cleanings, and make sure you brush and floss (twice a day).


2. Exercise Reguarly To Help With Back Pain.

Though lifting isn’t prescribed for those with pre-existing back pain, it’s being inactive that’s probably going to hurt your back the most, William Morrison, M.D. states.

“People used to be told to go to bed if their backs hurt, and to rest as much as possible,” he says. “But now we know that usually makes it worse.”

Exercise strengthens your core, which in turn eases lower back tightness, while strengthening your back muscles for better spine support. See your doctor to get specific recommendations, he recommends, but be prepared to start getting active. “Honestly, if I could get people to a gym more often, I’d have fewer patients,” Dr. Morrison concludes.


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3. Reading More Books Lowers Your Blood Pressure.

I know, it’s been forever since you actually picked up a book. Ph.D., Becca Levy contributes, “When you’re engaged in a book, you have more cognitive engagement, and that has a cascading effect.”

When you read more, it works as a stress reliever, which helps lower your stress levels, and blood pressure often lowers as a conclusion.  Jumping into a book- non-fiction or fiction, it permits your brain and body to relax more effectively.


4. Wear Socks To Bed To Fall Asleep Quicker.

If you’re someone who is having troubles sleeping, you might want to think about keeping your socks on at night, according to Daniel Amen, M.D.

 “Researchers have found that warm hands and feet were the best predictor of rapid sleep onset,” he states.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, warming up your feet or hands causes a beneficial expansion of your blood vessels, which is an indication to your brain that it’s time to sleep. Once the blood vessels are dilated in your hands and feet, heat redistributes throughout your body to get it prepped for sleeping.

Though if you heat up too much throughout the night and have to take your socks off, just make sure you take them off without looking at your clock, Dr. Amen recommends.  “Checking the time can make you feel anxious,” he adds, and that can prevent you from falling back asleep easily.


5. Get More Sun

There are a number of reasons to use sunscreen to minimize your risk of skin cancer. But they’re many positives to getting the right amount of vitamin D (sunlight).

 “You’ll get stronger bones, lower blood pressure, and even deeper sleep if you get some sun exposure,” quotes Michael Holick, M.D., director of the Heliotherapy, Light, and Skin Research Center at Boston University Medical Center. “There are advantageous biological processes that occur with sunshine that you won’t get by taking vitamin D supplements.”

He recommends that it’s best to get sun on your shoulders, arms, or legs rather of than your back or face—the former heightens the risk of cancer. So he advices, to catch some rays in the late morning or early afternoon- before the So, grab some sun in the late morning or early afternoon.

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