Studies Support Ways To Maintain Weight Loss

Date 13 Apr, 2017

One thing is certain, losing weight is difficult, but that’s just one piece towards living a healthier life. What’s even tougher is keeping that weight off year after year. This was evident with a recent study that monitored the contestants from the hit TV show The Biggest Loser. Every contestant but one put back on majority of the pounds they lost on the show.


Weeks after the publication of the study, a number of people offered advice on long-term weight loss. A new study that was just published has an answer: Become a member of a community weight-loss program (think Helthee or Weight Watchers).


Scholars at the University of Colorado conducted a 5-year study that monitored more than 65,000 participants called the Take Off Pounds Sensibly. They discovered that 90% of people who continued with a group for more than three years were able to maintain their weight loss. It adds up; the additional members add accountability and motivation. In conclusion, it might be worth giving a second thought about canceling your membership to one of the many programs even after you reach your goal.