Studies Endorse Your Older Sibling Is Smarter Than You

Date 08 May, 2017

How many of you feel like your parents used to favor your older sibling? What you don’t know is that the older brother or sister has benefited more than you know. According to a study from the University of Edinburgh, first-born children are more intelligent than their siblings.


This is also known as the “birth order effect”—a miracle that searches to understand why some children born earlier in a family are raised to receive a higher-level of education and higher-paying jobs. The study was conducted with 5,000 children from pre-birth to 14 years of age. The children were examined every years with letter-matching, visual vocabulary tests and reading. The study discovered that first born children showed higher IQ scores than their younger siblings.


If you’re going to blame anyone, those fingers should be pointed at your mom and dad. While parents with more than 1 child gave all their kids the same amount of emotional attention, first-borns were the beneficiary of more intellectual support with responsibilities that improved there thinking skills.

The answer is yes, your older brother might have gotten those A’s in school, but he also was given an advantage as a kid. So the next time, your older brother or sister makes a comment about their good grades, or high paying job, look to your parents and ask them why they didn’t read to you as a kid.