How To Choose The Right Fitness Trainer

Date 14 Apr, 2017

A good fitness trainer is someone that can analyze your purpose and create a good program for you. The reason why a lot of people do not keep up with their fitness programs is because a lot of fitness coaches are actually horrible. They can’t motivate you to keep working out and they create these really difficult programs. Imagine when a fitness trainer tells a newbie to perform 100 pushups. While there are some trainers that will create a program for you based on your fitness level and according to your need and also give you tips or inspire you with stories or activities that really work.

As they say not all fingers are equal and I really think that some fitness trainers are bad at what they do. A good fitness trainer should be qualified and educated in that sector. You don’t just become a fitness trainer because you lost 30 pounds of your body weight.

Hence, I have created a list that will help you choose a good instructor at first sight:


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1. Certification

Like any other thing certification is key. A certified fitness trainer is someone that can handle many clients and still make them feel special. Most fitness trainers hang there certificates or honor’s on the wall so that people can see and verify that they know what they are really doing.


2. Education/Trainings

It’s important that you choose fitness with a degree in education or any health related course. It’s very important that a fitness trainer knows the necessary first aid to give a client in case of an injury or cardiac arrest.


3. Knows How to Give The Right Attention to Clients

A good fitness trainer should know how to dish out instruction to each client and also how to attend to clients without angering anyone in the process.


4. Knows How to Track Your Development

Most fitness trainers are just after your money and not your progress. In fact, some of them don’t want you to achieve your goal so that you can always come back and pay memberships. It is best that you choose a trainer that knows how to track your progress as far as your fitness is concerned.


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5. Good Personality

It’s important that you choose a person with a good personality or someone you can get along with easily. It’s not cool for you to have issues with your trainer or not get along well or even someone you are not comfortable discussing your fitness challenges with.