Apple Watch Keeping Will Help You Achieve Your New Years Resolution

Date 30 Dec, 2016

Apple has just released initiative endorsing Apple Watch users to use the device to store their Fitness New Year’s Resolutions. You’ll have the ability to track your goals and stats on the Apple Watch’s Activity application, which shows your progress versus daily movements such as, exercising, running, and standing through a variety of multi-colored rings. If you close all three Activity rings in a week you earn a prize.

Now you’re probably asking, what’s my prize? Well good question and the answer is, the self gratification of attacking 2017 head on and thriving into a happier, and healthier you, and being able to prove that you’re able to set a goal and crush it. Does that get you excited at all?  You will also have the chance to win digital stickers every time you complete your weekly target. If you’re lucky enough to earn the special “Ring in the New Year Achievement” you’ll get a new pack of digital stickers that you can share with friends and family on iMessage. We urge you to really enjoy these next couple of days into the New Year and know that a better version of yourself is coming in 2017.