7 Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Men

Date 06 Dec, 2016

Men cannot be compared to women when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Maybe that’s why women are known to have an average of seven-year survival advantage compared to men. This piece gives an overview of 7 tips for maintaining healthy lifestyle for men.

Maintain good diet

To stay healthy, you need to stay away from “white foods” such as white sugar, white flour, and other food which do not only lack vitamins and minerals but also have a shortage of natural fiber. These types of food cause unnecessary weight, Type 2 diabetes and other life threatening health conditions. Fried foods made from hydrogenated oils increases your risk of heart problems because they contain trans fat. Instead, eat fats which are rich in omega 3 oils and olive oil which are embedded in cold water and salmon fish.


It is advisable to always find time for regular exercise. This helps in training the body and mind of the individual. A daily or weekly routine of exercise helps to condition the cardiovascular system. It can also help in muscle strengthening, which in turn helps to balance and make the body feel relaxed.

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Maintain Optimal Weight

It’s not too easy to maintain an optimal weight but it really helps to live a healthy lifestyle. It makes you feel better, look better and reduces the risk of various infections especially heart diseases.

Moderate your alcohol intake

Always remember that ‘moderation is the key’. Research has shown than moderate intake of alcohol not only prevents heart disease but also reduces the risk of death from other diseases. But excess intake is dangerous and injurious to the overall health.

Protect the Prostate.

When men approach 40 years of age, they begin to see symptoms such as frequent urination which is caused by a growth spurt on the prostate gland. To reverse this disorder, it have been confirmed that  pygeum (Pygeum africanum) and saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) can be used. It helps to improve regular urine flow without any proven side effects.

Maintain Vigorous Sexual Function.

Vigorous sexual function has been found to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most impotency conditions have a physical cause; it’s not just the inability of blood to flow to the area in question. To enhance an overall circulation, keep good diet, exercise the body and follow   recommendations above. If you are of the view of taking pills, let your doctor know because some drugs are known to impair libido. Smoking also does impair male libido. Some ginseng roots and some other herbs are also known to improve libido.

Maintain cordial Relationships.

One more thing women do better than the men is maintenance of cordial relationships. Try to strengthen ties with friends and family. Volunteer work, even pets, anything that keeps you associates with others helps to reduces stress and enhances healthy lifestyle.