7 Benefits of Physical Exercise

Date 06 Dec, 2016

You might be very aware that exercise is good for the body but do you know how good it is? Ranging from improvement of your sex life to boosting your mood, this article gives an overview of seven benefits of exercising the body irrespective of age, sex or physical ability.

 1. Exercise helps to control body weight

Engaging in physical exercise helps to burn calories thereby helping you to prevent excess weight. Though the more intense the physical exercise the more amount of calories you burn. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym, you can just take a morning walk of few kilometers or using the stair case instead of elevator can also help burn down lot of calories.

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2. Exercise helps to combat health conditions and some diseases

Are you worried about heart diseases? Or are you hoping to do away with high blood pressure? Exercise boosts high density lipoprotein (HDL), and reduces harmful triglycerides. Doing one-two punch makes the blood flow smoothly, which reduces the high risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Physical exercise helps to minimize the risk of various types of health problems. For example, metabolic syndrome, depression, stroke, type 2 diabetes, arthritis and some specific type of cancer are some of the health conditions that can be prevented by physical exercise.

3. Exercise helps to improve mood

Exercise can help to boost your mood and set your self-esteem high. It stimulates the brain cells that make you feel happier and relaxed. A regular exercise helps to sharpen your appearance and give a lift to your emotion.

4. Exercise boosts energy

It’s no news that regular exercise of the body helps to improve the muscular strength and enhances your ability to persevere. It helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your body tissues thereby making the cardiovascular system work more efficiently. It also helps with energy to handle daily chores and pressure. 

5. Exercise helps to promotes better sleep

When you exercise far enough from bedtime, it helps make you fall asleep and sleep for a long time when your body needs it. This is simply because it makes your body fully stimulated at first before making the body worn out for rest. 

6. Exercise improves your sex life

It is proven that men who exercise regularly rarely have issues with erectile dysfunction compared to men who don’t do exercise because their body are prone to various sex dysfunction. More so, physical activities increases sexual arousal for woman and also put your physical intimacy in shape. 

7. Exercise can be fun and social

Connecting with friends and family is another very awesome benefit of exercise. It's fun, enjoyable and helps to do away with boredom. Taking a dance, hitting the hiking trails or joining a soccer team can be fun make one forget sorrows and bring out a new life in you. It is also a chance to enjoy outdoors and help you meet new friends in a social setting. Physical exericse will help balance your physical and emotional health.