6 Reasons Why Fruits And Vegetable Are Vital For Your Health

Date 07 Dec, 2016

We all know that fruits and vegetable intake is good for our health but the question that is left unanswered is why is it an anthem in the mouth of nutritional health practitioners? Apart from it been a powerhouse of our diet, here are few more reasons why you should make fruit and vegetables a major instead of minor when planning to go for shopping.

1. Reduce obesity

Sedentary lifestyle, overfeeding coupled with lack of nutrients in food has been the major causes of obesity. Choosing low calorie, less fat and quality foods can be the other way out. But people tend to enjoy foods loaded with sugar, fats, lots of calories and chemicals. The ultimate solution is taking fruits and vegetables which are rich in nutrients and rapidly make you lose weight.

2. Prevents illness

The food we call the ‘healthy ones’ gives minerals, essential vitamins, fiber and other essential nutrients needed by the body but can still be a disaster to the body at the long run. Fruits and vegetables helps to fight against stroke heart diseases, some types of cancer, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues and many more.

3. Immune system boosting

The immune system constitutes the internal army of the body. When the system is strong, it protects the body against any incoming diseases or infection. When the immune system is not strong enough to overcome incoming fighters, the fighters take advantage of this and evade the system. Fruits and vegetable helps to boost the immune system and thereby build a healthy body.

4. It keeps you full for longer period

Eating more fruits and vegetables gives us much contentment of having a feeling of satisfaction without having to eat much food which will not even serve us the nutrients we eat. The fiber contained in many fruits and vegetables helps to fill up without feeling heavy as fatty food will do.

5. Serves as medication

Fruits and vegetables can be part of medication or treatment plan for diseases, infections, and can also serve as complementary against symptoms of various infections. The medication benefits are numerous with no side effects.

6. Boosts Energy

A host of energy can be derived from fruits. It gives a lasting energy that makes you do things in a better, bolder, and bigger way. A better result is taking fruits and vegetable alongside with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. It’s a sure ticket for healthy and long life.