On-Demand Fitness Workouts That Can Change Your Life

Date 26 Jan, 2017

This trend has already started making waves in the past year, if you haven’t heard of on-demand fitness, then it’s time to get on the train.  What it means is literally in the name, professional fitness programs that you can access whenever and wherever you need, on-demand.  These streaming workout programs are accessible on your mobile devices, television, or computer.  There are a lot of new programs popping up; here are some of the best:

Helthee App

Helthee through it’s mobile app and website booking platform will deliver certified & vetted fitness professionals right to your doorstep in as little as just 1 hour. Whether it’s personal training, yoga, pre-natal, or small group training Helthee has got you covered. Helthee is one of the top health and fitness apps in 2017. Download Helthee today and get 25% off your first appointment by using the promo code: Helthee25.

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BeFit on YouTube

We start with a great, free on-demand fitness channel.  There is a host of workout programs that you can access from all the biggest instructors.  You can go by name or go by workout titles.  You’ll find every type of exercise program, from yoga to high intensity interval training.  It’s all there for you to jump in and start burning.  The videos are full workouts; so don’t be afraid of the “free” price tag!

Beachbody on Demand

Everyone knows the Beachbody brand and what they bring to the table.  They wouldn’t pass this opportunity up to reach even more households through on-demand delivery.  You can sign up for access to all their popular programs, Insanity, TurboFire, P90X, and so-forth, for less than $15 a month.  You’ll need to sign up for quarterly subscription, which we like because it encourages commitment.


Home to Bob Harper from Biggest Loser, DailyBurn hosts a ton of variety with their on-demand workouts; yoga, dance, HIIT, pregnancy fitness, and more.  You can either pick and choose individual workouts or stick to one course.  DailyBurn is available for a month free, and then you pay $12.95 after.  It’s available on virtually every streaming device and is constantly being updated, so you’ll never get bored or feel restricted. Worth the price of admission.