5 Things You Should NOT Do After Your Workout

Date 27 Dec, 2016

The gym can become a routine after a few times but getting in the routine of bad habits after your workout can negatively effect your health.

Below I've added the 5 things you definitely should not do after your workout is done. Check it out.

1. Post Workout Meals

Studies show that you should put some healthy foods or drinks into your system within a 30 minute window of completing your workout in order to feed your body the necessary nutrients it needs. A lot of people do not plan their meals or are in a rush after work or just limited on time. 

Many people tend to eat or drink NON healthy foods or drinks post workout which can negatively effect your health. Avoid indulging the greasy, fast foods or just unhealthy foods in general post workout.

We suggest planning out your meals and snacks ahead of time so that you have the proper snacks and meals throughout the day, before and after your workout. We also suggest having water on hand throughout your day to stay hydrated. Be sure your snacks include protein, a little fat, and some complex carbs for replenishing energy. Some options include low-fat chocolate milk, a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, almonds, fruit, or yogurt.

2. Skipping Recovery Day

So when we research workout programs or even personal training, there is a 99% chance there is a day to recover. There are some of us who do not believe in this day. Well I'm here to tell you, we do!

Recovery day or as some others call it "Rest Day" is very important and a crucial day for our bodies to recover from not only the workouts we have done, but also the everyday lives that we live. There is also a misconception of rest day. Rest day should not be treated as a day to not do any activity, it should be treated as a much lighter day than the others. For example, one's rest day might consist of 30-60 minutes of dynamic stretching and foam rolling or even 15-60 minutes of light walking. Both of these are considered "light" and can be done on your rest day.

Recovery is just as important as the days we workout and train. Giving your body time to refuel and repair will benefit you in the long run.

3. Earning a Trip to the Couch

You've just finished a tough 30 minute high intensity interval training workout, you burned a ton of calories and sweat out fluids from the past 2 days so you think you've earned a trip to the couch and watch TV the rest of the day. WRONG.

This is a mistake many of us make considering you did your workout so you feel entitled to watch some Netflix on the couch the rest of the night. The best thing to do in this situation is to continue moving throughout the day/night so the blood can continue to flow helping you recover for tomorrow's workout. 

Get off your butt and go for a walk or simple move around. 

4. Wet Clothes

This should have been number one! I can almost guarantee if you've read up to this point, chances are this has been done by you or someone you know. 

Staying in your wet and sweaty gym clothes after your workout is over, is asking for bacteria to enter your body. Get out of your sweaty gym clothes immediately!

Regardless if you have access to a shower or not, bring a change of clothes to get out of those sweaty, wet gym clothes. Changing into new clothes will keep the muscles warm and loose. Don't get me wrong, if you have access to a shower, please take a shower.

If you have another pair of shoes to change into after your workout is complete helps as well especially if you legs or feet feel like they are not there. Get a pair of shoes that can provide proper support post workout.

5. Double the Workout

After you've put in blood, sweat and tears into your workout and you head home with a ton of things to do, keep in mind that lifting heavy things or putting more stress on your muscles than it already has been in previously in the day can lead to injuries. 

Please note that the muscles are fragile. Yes, even if you're Mr. Olympia. 

It is much better to do these tasks beforehand to avoid these kind of injuries. If you do these tasks beforehand, make sure you give yourself some time in between then and going to workout. Have a snack or a meal to help give you the energy needed to get through an efficient workout.