9 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Women

Date 06 Dec, 2016

Ladies, let’s face the truth. Doctors visit are getting short and it will get shorter as days go by. Even if your doctor have more time for you. These tips are almost the same you will get from your doctor. Here are 9 healthy lifestyle tips to live a healthy life.

1. Be stress free

Stress can cause lot of complications, ranging from heart diseases to various other complications like infertility, depression, anxiety and constant headache. Get better ways to do your day to day activities without stress. If you do away from stress you are far from health complications.

2. Eat healthy foods

A mix of healthy fats, lean proteins, fiber and smart cabs is a good diet plan to go with, not forgetting that “moderation is the key”. It does not really mean you shouldn’t go with other good diet as advised by your doctor. Just be sure you are getting a balance of healthy diet and stop unnecessary dieting.

3. Take adequate calcium

Salmon, milk, and almonds are good source of calcium rich foods. Note that too much calcium absorption increases the risk of heart diseases and kidney stones. For women below 50, a shoot of 1,000 milligram per day is okay while for women above 50, a shoot of 1,200 milligrams per day will do. This should be mainly through diet.  

4. More than cardio helps

Osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, can be prevented with weight-bearing exercise three to four times a week. Exercising the body also helps your self-image, mental health and enhances self-esteem. (Book with one of Helthee's ceritfied & vetted personal trainers now)

5. Adopt birth control

Studies have shown that birth control will not only prevent unwanted pregnancy but can also lower your risk of ovarian and uterine cancer and also regulate your cycle.

6. See your doctor once a year.

Seeing your doctor every year when you don’t have any health issues helps a lot. If you are 21 or older, have test to check for cervical cancer once in 3 years, 30-65 should have HPV and pap test every 5 years to know how vulnerable you are to them. You may stop if your doctor advises. If you are sexually active don’t stop HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis and other sexually transmitted infection test once every year.

7. Have enjoyable sex

If you enjoy sex, make sure you have as much as you can. It lowers the risk for chronic diseases and also reduces stress. If you experience pain which prevents you from having good sensation of sex, see your doctor.

8. Get adequate sleep

Lack of adequate sleep increase your risk of heart and psychological problems.  Though the need for sleep differs, some people need more sleep than others. If you have trouble concentrating or feeling stressed, a little sleep will do it all.

9. Take genetic testing

Screening for people with family history of chronic diseases and various cancer diseases are now available in hospitals. It will help you take preventive measures on various diseases.