5 Ways to Top Your Last Workout

Date 09 Jan, 2017

The best part of working out is when you finally start to see results. The most difficult thing about working out is, no matter whether you’re trying to build muscle, or burn fat, all goals plateau at some point. Listed below are 5 ways you can make every workout better than your last.


1) Hire a personal trainer.

We can also use extra motivation when we work out. Let’s face it, no one works as hard by themselves as you would when someone is right there holding you accountable for that last rep. Now, although personal training can be a little costly, it’s a great way to stay motivated and engaged throughout your entire workout.

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2) Stay focused. 

We have the ability to track all our activity right from our smartphones; this allows us to remain focused for longer period of times. Activity trackers also let you choose your music, keep up-to-date on your progress in your workout to help motivate you every workout.


3) Hit and keep setting new goals.

One big way is to set goals, crush them, and then set new goals. When we set goals we are holding ourselves accountable to achieve those goals, and once we do it feels great. But what a lot of people seem to forget is you have to constantly set new goals to keep you motivated and give you something to reach for. We have apps on our phones that allow us to set goals, alert us when we complete them, and track the progress of our goals, leaving you with no more excuse.


4) Make it a daily lifestyle

We see it all the time. People whom workout for a month, 2 months and then stop because they reached their first set of goals and just stop. We have to remain active daily whether it’s a run, walk, stretching, lifting, as long as we do a little something everyday we start to turn working out into a habit, which in turn leads to a healthy lifestyle.

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5) Reach out for support.

Surround yourself with people who are on the same mission or have the same goals as you. Support from like-minded individuals will keep you motivated everyday.  This could be through a friend, family member, even some apps give you the ability to connect with others that are working to achieve like-minded goals. You have all the resources now its up to you to make it happen!